Mon Platin Multi Action Hair Cream – 12 Actions in One Bottle



It’s easy to be confused by the huge quantities of hair products available on the market today.

On every woman’s shelf stand at least five different products promising perfect hair care and styling. But how to remember exactly what each of them is meant to do? When and how should they be used? Which one is best for what purpose? In what order? Can they be combined? 

And what’s the outcome? Out of confusion, indecision and – as always – lack of time, all the products are left aside and hair is once again hurriedly gathered up into a ponytail.

But what if there was a real alternative? A genuinely effective solution?

Imagine your life with just a single bottle solving all hair health and care and styling needs, all in one. Instead of a whole collection of bottles, each with a different purpose, a single bottle fulfilling 12 separate functions.

I am happy to introduce the revolutionary Multi-Action 12 in 1 hair cream, formulated as part of the highly successful Mon Platin Black Caviar line. Solve all your hair problems with one quick squeeze of the nozzle. This is possible thanks to a special aerosol mechanism that transforms the cream into a spray for easy and uniform application to the whole head of hair, enabling almost instant absorption into the hair fiber.

 Why has there been no similar product until now?

Mon Platin has the advanced technology and innovative development processes in the Mon Platin laboratory. The Mon Platin R&D team has come up with a brand new formula, making it possible to combine 12 vital therapeutic ingredients in a single action.

From now on, all hair care and styling begins with Multi-Action.

 Multi-Action serves as a primer (base) for any hair care and styling activity.

Whatever the ultimate goal – blow-dry, straightening, BaByliss, sun protection, color maintenance or just easier combing – Multi-Action is the place to begin.

 Start counting:



1. Leaves hair shiny, vital and easy to control

2. Holds perfect styling long term

3. Adds volume and hold


4. Repairs and rehabilitates dry and damaged hair

5. Releases tangles

6. Mends split ends



7. Protects hair color and contains UVA and UVB filters

8. Protects against the damaging effects of heat

9. Provides extra protection following different straightening treatments (Japanese / Brazilian / American / French)



10. Leaves hair soft and silky

11. Makes combing and smoothing with blow-dryer easier

12. Enticingly scented to leave the hair perfumed

Still not enough? Believe it or not, Multi-Action offers even more benefits:

  •  The specially designed aerosol nozzle turns the cream into a spray, ensuring even and uniform application and enabling instant absorption into the hair fiber.
  • It is really easy and convenient to use.

Instructions for use

On dry hair: Press on the nozzle 7-8 times to spray onto dry hair, until the product is absorbed into the hair, then begin treatment or styling.

On wet hair:   Towel dry and squeeze out excess moisture, then spray from a distance of 20 cm. directly onto the hair, pressing on the nozzle 6-15 times (depending on length and quantity of hair). Then simply brush or comb and begin styling.


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